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What is gymnastics tumbling?

We created these classes to focus on all aspects of front and back gymnastics tumbling for students 6 & up. The students will learn the basic structure, positions, drills, and progressions to be able to implement good technique and advance through skills promoting quality gymnastics tumbling. Gymnastics, dance, cheerleading, and martial arts are examples of some of the disciplines that can benefit from tumbling as well as all the fitness and mental benefits that accompany the structure of these classes. Once their ability level is determined all students will be placed in level appropriate classes according to skill level.

This is perhaps one of the most common questions we get!  Tumbling however focuses on only only the flips and fun on floor. If you are unsure which to start with, we encourage you to enroll in gymnastics. Please ask one of our class coordinators for more information!

Your little one will be safe in our designated gymnastics tumbling area.  Equipment made just for their size helps learn correct form from the beginning.  Our kids learn basic gymnastic skills in a fun and safe environment!